FIENDS radical arts journal

FIENDS is a semi-regular journal of the thoughts and artistic investigations that started with members of RCA CAP PS yr 2020 and now includes artists from across the CAP programmes years 1 and 2. At least at the moment that is what it is. A non-hierarchical, non-authored mix of loose theory and art practice.

Issue 1 Futures and Fictions // Issue 2 Ideologies // Issue 3 Economies // Issue 4 Nationhood and Naughtiness // Issue 5 Democracy

Please download the PDF issues below and enjoy our digital version of FIENDS. Feel free to edit, comment, add and reshare or even print:

We present this edition as part of Common Market, the annual publishing fair celebrating the free movement of ideas who invited us to publish an (un)limited edition ‘theory object’ to be experienced and freely distributed to the public.

FIENDS operates within a relatively tight, common public, yet simultaneously has the scope to go beyond. It is a fleeting object of intense, cooperative musings. A place to write, make, create, navigate, curate, commentate, elevate, commemorate and associate immediate and pressing thoughts.

Physical editions:

FIENDS is usually presented as a physical riso printed folded object in 2 colours.

More about FIENDS:

The FIENDS radical arts journal is a collectively directed, produced and disseminated semi-monthly publication, initiated by a core group of Year 2 Public Sphere students in October 2019. The monthly issues explore divergent themes, from senses of futures and fictions, to the complexities of economies, to our collective understanding of nationhood. Each issue calls on the students of the Public Sphere course of Contemporary Arts Practice programme at the RCA to submit material (whether critical text, poetic composition, speculative fiction, photographic essay etc.) in a way which they feel suitably responds to the given monthly theme, as well as their own exploratory practice. In this way, FIENDS becomes a un-authored, material space of collective thoughts and common concern within the pathway, and subsequently catalyses discussions in the pressing matters of publics, politics, identity and engagement the group naturally share.